All software is provided "AS IS" without any warranty! I'm will not be liable for any special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages due to loss of data or any other reason. Use it on your own risk!

HTML Viewer

If you are annoyed by bloated and slowly starting web browsers, try this fast HTML viewer.
Just add html-file as parameter and if finished close it via ESC key.

Name: HTMLviewer.zip

Version: 1.0, 341 downloads

Hashset Header Modifier

This tool add and/or remove the first line of a text based hashset.

Name: HashSet-Header-Modifier.zip

Version: 1.0, 331 downloads

Android Pattern BF Helper

Small tool thats help to manual brute force a Android Pattern.

Name: Android Pattern BF Helper.zip

Version: 1.0, 224 downloads


vc_hunter is a search tool for veracrypt (truecrypt) containers that can be used to find encrypted Veracrypt or TrueCrypt containers on the system. vc_hunter scans all files in a select folder on the computer and with follow conditions: file size is over 4kb (entropy is generated from the first 4kb of a file) Hint: the minimal size of a veracrypt container is 292kb (with FAT filesystem, 424kb = exFAT, 3792kb = NTFS). file size modulo 512 must equal zero file contents has a high entropy file has a byte difference under 160 (experimental) file must not contain a common file header (optional) Status: Beta https://github.com/der-den/vc_hunter

Name: vc_hunter.zip

Version: beta , 43 downloads


BlockHasher generates a hashset of a file.

Blocksize: 512 bytes
Algo: MD5

Here is a good paper to understand blockhashing: Blockhashing as a forensic method - Kurt H. Hansen

Name: BlockHasher.zip

Version: 1.1, 249 downloads

VMDK Creator

VDMK Creator helps you to create a VMDK file from a physical drive.
It will create a link to the physical drive, not a full copy.
Ideal for mounting a DD/E01 and use it inside a virtual maschine, without converting the images.
You need Oracle VirtualBox installed.

Name: VMDK_Creator.zip

Version: 1.0, 215 downloads

XWF Viewer-XT Strings

My first try for a X-Ways Viewer X-Tension. Show all ASCII Chars between #32 and #126 from any file up to 50MB.
Include the source.

Name: Viewer-XT_Strings.zip

Version: 1.0, 323 downloads

HTML Files Viewer

You have a bunch of html files (like X-Ways Reports) and search for a easier way to handle them? This HTML Viewer can helps you. Put it in your folder to the html files and just run.

Name: HtmlFileViewer.zip

Version: 1.0, 320 downloads

rHash GUI

A simple Windows GUI for rHash, a wide range hash calculator. https://github.com/rhash/RHash

Name: rHash_GUI.zip


TSV Viewer

Fast Viewer for TSV files.

Name: TSVviewer.zip

Version: 1.0, 331 downloads

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